Festive for the 4th…







Happy Monday! It’s officially summer and the 4th of July is next Wednesday! I feel like the 4th of July is one of the holidays that people get the most excited about/into it. Target has been busting with patriot swimsuits and t-shirts for a while now! Lol. Anyway, I’ve always liked the 4th because it’s feels like the kick off to summer and as a kid we usually celebrated the 4th at my grandparents lake house where we would boat, tube, ski, swim, play with our cousins, sit around bonfires, grill out…all of the lake activities! Those are some of my very favorite memories. Although I love the holiday, I’ve never been one to get super dressed up in red, white and blue. I have a hard time buying all of the themed clothes because you only wear them once and honestly I kind of think they’re cheesy…is that un-American of me? Well don’t fear, because I do think it’s fun to dress up for the 4th, but I prefer to do it with items I already own! If you’re like me and your looking for ways to Americanize yourself next week without purchasing a new flag-centered wardrobe, I have some tips for you!

1. Use what you have

This is my favorite way to dress for the 4th of July. Everybody has items that are either red, white or blue in their closet already. I guarantee that you have basic pieces that could be put together to make an adorable and festive outfit without buying a thing! For example, put on a cute white blouse with denim shorts and you’re automatically festive!

2. Don’t focus on the “theme”

This sort of relates to the first tip, but don’t focus on wearing something with stripes, stars, flags, etc. I personally think that a cute red summer shirt with a white denim skirt looks more put together and just as festive as a t-shirt with a flag on it or something that is “American” themed.

3. Mix in details other than clothing

I used this tip in the outfit above. I have this blue and white striped dress that I can wear all spring and summer, but I added a red lip to make it look more festive. You could also wear red sandals with jeans and a white t-shirt or blue sandals with a white dress and a red lip or jewelry! In all of these examples you can use clothing you already have and accessorize your look in a way that makes it look intentional for the 4th of July.

4. Spread it out

Again, I feel like this tip relates to all of the others, but instead of trying to wear a graphic t-shirt or an American flag bikini, spread out the festivity by wearing a blue and white striped swimsuit and pairing it with a red t-shirt or a red baseball hat, or wear a solid red dress and pair it with white wedges. This makes your patriotic outfit look way more chic, and bonus because you can wear all of the items throughout the summer, rather than only on the 4th of July!

I hope you guys enjoyed these tips! Hopefully it helps you think of ways you can use your normal summer wardrobe to create festive outfits next week!




(PS idk what happened to the pictures in this post or why they are so small. I tried to redo this post like 4 times and finally just gave up. It is what it is!)



My Favorite Summer Trend…


I am a birthday person. Besides Christmas, which is obviously my favorite day of the entire year, my birthday is my second favorite, which may sound selfish but I really just love a reason to celebrate and something to look forward to! I knew we were going to be on vacation for my birthday this year, so I wanted a really fun outfit to bring with me. I’ve seen so many adorable two-piece outfits and decided I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and find one for my birthday outfit.

I was hoping to find something pink, but when I saw this two-piece set I knew it was perfect! Red Dress Boutique has A TON of adorable two-piece sets, rompers and dresses for summer. I really love this set too! The thing I love about the set I wore is that the bottoms are shorts, but kind of look like a skirt. It was nice not to worry about wearing a skirt all day, especially walking around the vineyards and everything. If you’re looking for a fun summer outfit that’s a little outside of the usual sundress, I would recommend trying a two-piece set!!



California Part 2…

I found my favorite shop in Carmel ^^ 🎅🏼17 Mile Drive wound around the Carmel Bay and went through neighborhoods, forests, Pebble Beach…it was beautiful!Our first dinner in downtown Napa. On my birthday we had breakfast at a bakery in Yountville and then went to our first wine tasting at Beringer. The grounds were amazing!This man gave me the very best birthday! ❤️

The next day we had our second wine tasting at Castello di Amarosa (The Castle of Love 💕 ) and it was a real life castle! So cool!

I’ve said it already, but our California trip was a dream come true for me! It was the absolute best way to spend my golden birthday. We had the best time together.

Now it’s Leonard’s turn to pick a destination he’d like to see and in all of the years we’ve been together he’s only ever mentioned Alaska…oh boy! We’ll see!

Blush Pink and White…



Happy Friday!! I am SO ready for the weekend because I get to go play in wedding dress wonderland for a few days and then on Monday I am off on vacation…to a place that I have been wanting to go to for practically a LIFETIME! I. AM. PUMPED.

I found this skirt last month and when I saw it hanging in the store I actually fell in love. I had just done a massive closet clear-out and went shopping for some Spring basics. The funny thing is, I went to Target first and found a blush pink lace skirt, and then I went to the mall and found this blush pink skirt…but because they are SO different, I knew I probably needed both 😉 All the women can understand that philosophy! My husband would probably say, “Don’t you have something literally identical to that?” And I would say, “No, these are so different. Completely different use case scenarios.”

Regardless, I’ve gotten so much use out of both of them in only a month that I do not regret them at all! Blush pink really is like a neutral so it goes with everything! I also want to mention these mules because I am quite truly obsessed. When I was on said Target trip, I was looking for some specific shoes for spring and summer. Mules are such a huge trend right now and I always love them when I see them on other people but I would try them on myself and not like them. When I saw these white ones I liked them, but I wasn’t 100%. I left Target and COULD NOT get these shoes out of my head! You know when you can’t shake the regret of not buying something, and you all of a sudden think of all of the things that you could wear that item with? Maybe that’s just me, but I couldn’t shake these shoes! So I went back a few days later and have probably worn them almost everyday since. Like my pink skirts, these have become a Spring staple that go with everything and give so many outfits a simple update.

Have a wonderful weekend! Thank you so much for reading! ❤

xo, Julia

Floral Embroidery for Spring (and a special guest)…


Today I would like to feature a very special guest on my blog! I figured it was time to do a post with my bff 😉 


Livi loves fashion just as much as I do. You can see here that she is working on her fashion pose! 😉


She couldn’t contain her excitement over her bumblebee overalls. She thinks printed overalls are a great trend for Spring.



I told her that floral embroidery and shoes with tassels are a Spring trend too! 



As you can tell, today’s outfit includes the cutest little accessory! 🙂 I personally think she is the best part of this look, but I also love the cute, easy and colorful floral embroidery button down and the tassel slides! The weather here in Atlanta went from like 40 degrees to about 85 degrees overnight, and I am loving it! The trees are SO green, the sky is bright and blue, and the days are absolutely beautiful. Summer is finally upon us and I am all about colorful, girly outfits that are easy to mix and match for work, errands, or just hanging around the house! I know I am so back and forth with posting on my blog, but hopefully this summer I will get into a more regular routine of sharing different things. I would like to include some posts about fitness and nutrition too, so stay tuned!


Julia & Livi ❤

He is Risen! Happy Easter…

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Happy Easter! I am so thankful that Jesus died and rose again so that we can spend eternity with Him! What amazing news we get to celebrate today! I love going to the Easter sunrise service with family and celebrating Easter outdoors in the beauty of nature!

I hope everybody gets to spend this special holiday with family and friends!


Family Time…

The past two weekends we have had family visiting!! It has been so much fun! First, Jeanyne and Emma came for a long weekend visit, and then the following weekend Ethan came for his Spring Break!

When we have people visiting we always try to find fun things to do, so I always feel like I am on vacation too because we do so many things that I never do on a regular basis! With Jeanyne and Emma we went to the park, walked around Ponce City Market, went to a local ice cream shop, made a Pinterest craft, and ate at some of our favorite restaurants!

While Ethan was here, we went shopping, went bowling, got fro-yo (it may have been more than once…), went to some favorite restaurants and some new ones, went bowling, and went to the College Football Hall of Fame! I had so much fun hanging out with him and Haley all week. It felt like old times! (Plus the addition of a smaller friend) 😉

Every time that I am able to spend time with my family, I leave feeling so grateful and refilled. I am always reminded that family make the best friends. It was such a treat to have family here two weeks in a row and now the house feels a little too quiet!

I put together this picture collage to highlight all of our time together. Some of them have little captions on them, so you can click on the pictures to read more! 🙂


Layers and Leopard…



Happy Monday! I cannot believe this week will be February! While I can’t believe how fast the first month of 2018 has flown by, I have to admit that I am getting excited for warmer Spring weather. This is my second winter in the South and for some reason this one has felt so much worse than last year! I don’t know what I’d do if I was still living in the North and knew there was still about 4 months of Winter left! 😉 At least in the South I can count on Spring actually starting in March, and even February should start to warm up! However, because January has been so cold I am finding myself still dressing in lots of Fall/Winter layers. I love this sleeveless sweater because I can wear something lightweight underneath it and create a dimensional layered look. To make this look casual, I paired it with jeans and leopard booties. I love to mix a shoe with a fun color or print into an otherwise neutral outfit to create more interest but still keep it simple! I also think this outfit would be really cute with leather leggings and black heels for a date night or a dressier occasion!

Blush Pink…


The other day I was thinking about how I typically dress and what my “style comfort zone” is. I think we all have a style comfort zone, no matter how much we love fashion. Like I mentioned last time, for me it’s neutral colors, like black, grey and cream. These are always my go-to’s because I don’t have to think too hard about putting together an outfit, and I feel like they’re more forgiving than bright colors. While my wardrobe will always include a lot of staples in these colors because they are timeless and easy to pair with anything, one thing I’d like to work at is adding more of my favorite colors into my wardrobe. I like to look at my clothing as a reflection of myself, so why not add more of my personality into my day-to-day fashion?! Well obviously my favorite color of all time is pink, so that is the first color I am going to try to wear more of! Although I paired this blush pink top with a black skirt, black tights, and black boots (lol), I like to think that it is a step in the right direction! Here’s to a very pink 2018 😉

Back to Basics…









I am so excited to put together another blog post after a looonnnnggg break! The past few months have felt like a whirlwind, but I am really looking forward to the New Year and am going to try to post more often, because I really love it!

I met up with one of my best friends from college this week, who also moved to Georgia after graduating, and she called me out for not posting in a while. So I told her that my next post would be in honor of her! Well anyone who knows her knows that her favorite color is black and that it makes up the majority of her wardrobe, so in honor of her and to provide her with a little outfit inspiration I put together a basic everyday look using all black (and denim of course)! I actually tend to wear a lot of black and neutral colors too. For some reason I feel the most comfortable in them, but one of my goals this year is to wear more color because I always love it on other people! However, if you want to wear neutral colors, adding fun accessories is always a good way to add interest to your outfit.

This outfit is in honor of you, J! Thank you for stopping by! ❤


Surprise Double Date!

For Caroline’s extended trip to the ATL after graduation, the guys got together to plan a double date day for us. They kept the entire thing a surprise. Our first stop was at Dancing Goats coffee right outside of Ponce City Market. That could’ve been the only stop and I would’ve been a happy girl (#coffee), but it was only the beginning. We walked around with our drinks before loading into the car and heading the next stop, the Bicycle Barn! We all rented bikes and rode along the BeltLine all the way down to Piedmont Park. We stopped at a King of Pops stand and Leonard and I tried our first KOP’s…I know I will be shunned by most Atlantans but I was unimpressed (next time I’ll just go for another coffee ;)). After riding back and returning our bikes, we headed to Ponce City Market to eat dinner at Minero. My sister likes this restaurant so I was excited to try it. I wasn’t too impressed with the menu but was willing to give it a shot and I’m glad I did because the tacos were good! I’m not usually a taco eater, but the menu was pretty limited and it sounded like the best option and I ended up being really impressed. Overall it was a great afternoon full of surprises and thoughtful planning from the guys, which made it even more special. I felt like a tourist in my own city. We had so much fun!


Trying coffee at Dancing Goats near Ponce City Market!



The cutest bridge on the BeltLine!


(Not so) patiently waiting for Mexican food…(notice my nails…that Leonard painted!! #impressed)


Double date!

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California…

The trip I have been dreaming about for a LONG time…has arrived!!! This week Leonard and I are visiting California!! I’ve dreamt of seeing California since I was a kid. I think something about growing up in Michigan made California seem so far away. It felt like it was in a different world. Plus, my dad was born and raised in California, so I’ve always wanted to visit his home state.

When some of our friends told us about their honeymoon in Carmel, I was sold. I don’t even know if I looked up a picture before I decided I wanted to go there! I love the water, so I the idea of visiting this coastal town was so appealing. I started researching and planning a trip and we decided to visit two different parts of California. We’re spending the first half of the trip in Carmel-by-the-Sea, and you guys, it is MAGICAL. The Pacific Ocean is on one side of you and these gorgeous trees and mountains are on the other. The downtown is quaint and charming and you can walk everywhere! And THE FOOD. Oh my word. I’m afraid I will have to forever return to Carmel when I am craving eggplant parm because no restaurant will ever compare to Vesuvio’s!

There are also the most beautiful hikes, beaches and drives. We walked to Carmel Beach after breakfast and walked along the sand in the early morning and it was so peaceful. It was right along Pebble Beach which was cool to see! Later in the day we hiked around Point Lobos which was all along the coast of Carmel Beach and it was so beautiful. After hiking we drove up Highway 1 and oh my goodness, it was AMAZING. The beauty of this place is unreal!

It’s safe to say that California is not disappointing me a bit! That’s all for today!

Thank you so much for reading!

Xo, Julia